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Y-Shaped Electric Face Cleansing Brush

Y-Shaped Electric Face Cleansing Brush

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Remove dirt and oil, and cut down on clogged pores today with this y-shaped electric face cleansing brush. This electric cleansing brush comes with two face massage rollers that help aid in product absorption.


  • 8 adjustable gears ensure personal use, perfect for cleaning needs of varied intensities and different skin types.
  • Can deeply clean impurities, remove blackheads and acne. Can also massage the face to soothe muscle, lift, firm, and brighten skin.
  • Upper harder brush bristle can be used to clean areas with more impurities, the bottom softer bristle can be used for more sensitive skin areas.
  • The front side of the device can be used for face cleaning, while the backside is designed with 3D curves for massage.
  • There are designed with 2 rollers for face massage and product absorption, a good design to help lifting and firming.

Why we love it?

You can use the low frequency for a gentle cleanse or the high frequency for a deep exfoliation to remove makeup, dirt, grease, and blackheads. The best part? Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin! 


Easy Using:

1) Press [On/Off] button for power on.

2) Press [+] button to shift up the cleaning intensity.

3) Press [-] button to shift down the cleaning intensity.

4) Long press [On/Off] button for power off.

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