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Essence Bath Scrub

Essence Bath Scrub

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Say, 'Goodbye' to dry skin!

These bath salts work as an active body scrub helping with chicken skin, body acne, muscle ache, and dry skin. The gentle and delicate grains are rich in nutrients that are mild and non-irritating with a natural fragrance. 

Milk Bubble: The milk essence is rich in protein and vitamins that have a natural absorbable moisturising ability. It can improve skin dryness, clean pores, and balance oil.

Rose Bubble: This charming rose fragrance bath salts will help make your skin smoother with its moisturising and nourishing effects. 

Grapefruit: Refreshing and moisturising, rich in vitamin C essence to help with uneven skin complexion. These bath salts help regulate water retention and oil production. It also contains antibacterial and anti-allergic properties.

Peach Bubble: Peace cream essence contain vitamin B and C that will leave your skin smooth and soft with its moisturising effects. It will give you a deep clean while helping with uneven skin complexion. 

Why we love it?

We are often so busy exfoliating our face that we forget our body needs exfoliation too! These gentle exfoliants smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft and clean! You can use it in the bath, as a foot exfoliant, or simply as scrub in the shower!

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