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Mini Humidifier

Mini Humidifier

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Introducing our Mini Humidifier! This adorable USB powered mini portable humidifier can help keep your skin hydrated all year long - especially during cold winter months.

Indoor heating can zap the moisture from the air, leaving your skin parched. Combat this by using this perfect mini humidifier. It can help maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing your skin from becoming dry and irritated!

With its cute bear design and 3 colors to choose from, it's sure to look great in any room while providing you with all the soothing moisture you need. Plus, it can double as a soft nightlight with multiple mode options to make bedtime easier.

The mini humidifier can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, adding a pleasant fragrance to the air while humidifying it.


It is ultra quiet / automatic power off / can run for 5-10 hours / lightweight and portable

Voltage (V): 5V
Noise: <36db
Capacity: 220ml
Power Type: USB

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